Company Transocean RIX was founded in 2005.

We are engaged in logistics, warehousing and customs escort of cargo from manufacturer to customer.

At the moment we offer our clients product transfers of brands like Fender, Hoshino, Vutec, Korg, Onkyo, Sony, Teac and other professional equipment to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan.

Full transport-expedition service:

  1. Arrangement of the cargo from the manufacturer or its representative.  Receipt of the application for the transportation according to the terms of delivery and demands from the customer:
    - European cargo - ground transportation and/or avio cargo transportation
    - USA and Asian cargo - sea transportation and/or avio cargo transportation
  2. Supporting documentation.
    - Preparation and formation of the necessary documents for the delivery of cargo to the consolidation or customs clearance of cargo. 
    - Verification of shipping documents in accordance with customer orders. Detection, correction and informing the client about discrepancies.
  3. Cargo insurance and surveyor services anywhere in the world.
  4. If necessary - responsible short-term and long-term cargo storage (customs and/or European locations). Formation cargo and organization of transportations by any kind of transport.
  5. Product listing via program 1C, report preparation after clients demands.
  6. Customs clearance of cargo under a contract with the customs broker.
  7. Receiving necessary certificates in short terms.
  8. Cargo escort (commercial convoy) to the warehouse of the client (in Russia, Ukraine and Europe).
  • Port of Riga

    12 kilometers to the sea port "Riga". Delivery time of cargo - 25 minutes.
  • Airport of Riga

    11 kilometers to the airport "Riga". Delivery time of cargo - 15 minutes.
  • Our experience

    9 year work in Latvia. 21 year experience in logistics.